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Full Version: T19 / T19P call disconnection with Matrix Eternity
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Good day to you.

A few of my partners are complaining lately from sudden call disconnections on their yealink phones with our Matrix Eternity IPPBX family (it doesn't matter which Eternity firmware version). It happens around 2m55s in the conversation.

I have taken a debug and a pcap files and I have found that the phone itself
is sending a "CANCEL" request to the PBX as per the PCAP file attached
in the middle of the conversation, without any prior PBX request.

I see in the debug trace the following message just before the "cancel" packet.
"release_aborted_calls remove a dialog for an unfinished transaction".

I do not know what causes this message or this behavior.
Can you help me to fix this?.

T19P firmware:
For the issue, would you please upgrade to the latest version to see if the issue still exist? if yes, please let us know .

and how many phones the customer have ? all have the same issue ?
how often the issue happen , every call?
Best Regards!
Hi Flora.

I will provide your update to our customer and be back at you.

Both customers have around 8~12 telephones each,
mixed between T18, T19 and even some T26.

I have one T19 here in my office for testing and I do not suffer such disconnects.
I will check again all the relevant timers in the PBX.

One of the partners has already confirmed me that upgrading the phone to the latest version makes no difference.
My other customer is pending to confirm.
Thanks, I will submit the issue to the engineer and will let you know if any question.
Best Regards!
In the mean time, i took a better PCAP.
Find it attached.

The dialed number whose call was disconnected is "625******9" (censored for spam prevention).
It's the last call to this number the one that disconnected itself, the other try was a misdial.
Hi ,
After the engineer check , the phone dial out and receive the 183 message but the phone hasn't receive 200Ok message in 3 minutes, so the phone will end the call automatically.
Would you please help check why the server won't send the 200 OK message to the phone ?
Best Regards!
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