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Full Version: Beginners guide to Action URL's?
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I'm wondering if there are any guides on how to setup / use Action URL's?
I'm trying to follow the Admin guide but getting nowhere, I first need to know what to setup and where (I'm guessing I'm going to have to set up an internal webserver) plus some XML files for the commands or would I find these on my asterisk PBX?

Something with working examples would be great.

My goal is:
I have T38G phones on site, I want to be able to do something on attended transfers:
Currently when our reception answers a call from the outside (e.g. 01234 123456), then try's to transfer to a internal extension. The receptionists name/number displays on the extension they call.
When they announce the call then transfer it over, the phones screen remains the same (i.e. with the receptionists name/number).

I want to change the screen give original callers number on the phone, i.e. the outside number like 01234 123456

From what I've read this could be achieved using action URL 'Transfer Finished' event but I don't even know where to start.

Any assistance would be great.
Sorry, we only have a Action URL guide in phone side. There is no a doc about setting up a server.

To your goal, I think you can program pbx server to send a updated caller-ID in PAI header to make phone refresh the name/number.

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