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Full Version: Noise after page
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We just deployed a number of W52Ps along with a number of different phones. One thing we noticed today while testing is that when we do an overhead page that goes to the W52Ps, they work fine until the page is disconnected and then they make a loud noise like they are hanging up. Is there some way to disable that noise? I just upgrade the firmware on them about 3-4 weeks ago to the latest (at the time), so the base is at and the handset is on Thanks.

1. How many w52p that has such issue?
2. Is this happens after firmware upgrading?
3. Is it happens on every page?
4. Does it happen on inbound and outbound calls?

It is happening for every handset (3) on the base. Here is some additional information. I installed a second base yesterday with 4 additional handsets and those handsets do not have the problem. They are all running the latest firmware ( base, handset). Here is a video showing the problem on one handset from one base, while not doing it on a handset from another base. The noise is similar to a busy signal and it happens after the overhead page disconnects.

It happens on every page on every handset on that one base. I am not sure what you mean about both inbound and outbound calls, it is only doing it on pages, not calls.

I went through the web service configurations for both bases page by page and line by line and they appear to be identical except for the stuff that needs to be different (like ip addresses and names of the handsets). So I am not sure what could cause this on one base but not the other.

Thank you.
Any ideas on this? It also looks like it makes this noise after hanging up a regular call?
have you tried resetting to factory?
I have not. We're a 24 hour clinic so it's not easy to be able to take these offline for an extended time now that they are deployed.
understood. sometimes a setting gets stuck. it seems like it is not receiving the disconnect sip command.
you could run a wireshark during this time.
Ok, was hoping not to get into that, but I need to wireshark an unrelated issue, so I could probably do both at the same time. Thanks for the suggestion.
I was thinking about this a little. For me to evaluate a disconnect SIP, it would have to be between the PBX and the base on the network, right? The handsets are all talking DECT. But I have 3 handsets programmed with separate accounts that all exhibit this behavior, so doesn't it seem unlikely they would all have the same bad behavior if it is a message the PBX is incorrectly sending the base? I guess it seems more likely the problem lies in the base and I won't be able to evaluate that with wireshark. Things are a little slow tonight, I guess I will try a factory reset.
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