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Full Version: Caller ID
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The Caller ID information is cut off on the T38g.
Is there a way to format it to see the entire ID, or maybe remove the photo to give it more room to display.
It shows Wireless Calle.
Should say Wireless Caller:Metro.

Sorry, currenlty there is no an option to adjust the display method in T38.

Is there a yealink model that is available so I can see the whole caller ID?

In T29/T46/T48 you can see whole name.
In T19_E2/T21_E2/T23/T27/T41/T42, phone will scroll the caller-ID when it's out of limit.

Thanks For the info.
Maybe a upgrade to the 38 in the future?
Currenlty there is no a plan to upgrade T38 in short time.

Ok, I just purchased a T46G and it does as you say which is great.
Can I have different ringtones for the different ring groups.
Wireless Caller:Metro one ring tone
Wireless Caller:Premiere different ring tone.

Thanks for the help.
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