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Full Version: GUI for remote directory
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I am trying to find a tool that will allow my admin to maintain a central phone book through GUI. I would ideally host this on my LAN and configure each of my IP phones to access it using the local IP.
Does such a tool exist or am I stuck with using the MS Excel tool that is provided by Yealink? I am happy to pay for this and or use a third party tool.I use a cloud based pbx provider and so the FonB application doesnt seem to be an option (correct me if I am wrong) and the Octivi tool is a little beyond me as far as being able to implement.
Thanks to all.
Yealink phone support the format of the local phone book is CSV and xml .In this case, if your tool can generate the file meet the requirements(format and content) , you can use the tool to try.
Yealink phonebook generation tool
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