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Full Version: Time registration on T21
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Hi everyone,
I have problem about time registration on T21, when i reload asterisk server, T21 not auto send request registered to asterisk.
Firmware version
Hi Tian,

Would you please give more information about the issue:
1. T21 unable to register the account?
2. T21 has time configuration issue?
3. What do you mean by reload asterisk? restart or?

when registered T21, you fill all information (user, pass, server...) and press "Confirm". This time on Asterisk Server i see a request from T21, and then T21 regis ok. But when i reload Asterisk, T21 not send any request registered again to Asterisk.
Reload on Asterisk this mean you submit some change on configuration Asterisk and save them.
I have change parameter "Time expires" but not success.
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