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Full Version: T48G Screen and DSS
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the T48 looks great with a picture on the screen , I usually use he customers logo , the problem is the pictures make it hard to read the DSS buttons ,

it would be nice to have an option setting that suppresses the wallpaper to a default blank screen when the customer presses the DSS button ,

ie , suppress wallpaper on DSS = yes/No
DSS alternate = default

this way the phone sits idle with a pretty logo , then they press DSS key and the background could do to a black background that makes the DSS buttons easy to read , then at a fixed timer with no input , or when they press the DSS button again to close the overlay , it reverts to the nicer image again
Hi Brandy,

Thanks for your suggestion I will forward it to our product team. There are other users having similar request.

Is there any tracking on this? We have had numerous requests to make the DSS keys easier to read.

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