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Full Version: Choppy Audio
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I updated our phones from x.61 to the latest version (X.73.0.50) and I noticed that the we immediately got audio quality issues.

I was on the phone, with a client, and it sounded like the call was breaking up each time. I'm using the recommended jitter buffer settings.

The funny thing is, I downloaded the pcap from the server and the audio sounded fine, leading me to believe that this issue is local to the phones.
Please test it in this way:
1. Replace with a working handset, will the breaking voice happen? If new handset works, that means the handset if broken.
2. Register with a different account on other PBX. If new account works but the old one doesn't, that means the account is not working properly
3. Reset the phone and test again.

This is not specific to one handset.
We experienced this with multiple devices that we updated to the new firmware.

We have hundreds of handsets in the field.
Users with the older firmware have not complained, users with the new firmware seem to have these issues.

We can't move back to the older firmware, unfortunately, because we rely on some of the newer features and settings.
Also, version 61 is dinosaur firmware, the newer version allows for way better/easier autoprovisioning templating.
Anyone found a solution for this issue yet?

Having same problem with one phone in particular but many complaints the past several weeks with choppy audio.

Unfortunately for now, computers and phones share the same ethernet port/subnet so no way for QOS to further minimize traffic congestion or priority.
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