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Full Version: auto provision scheduling in periodic minutes
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Hi I am trying to enable periodic provisioning. But facing some problem.
Once a value is set for the first time in auto_provision.schedule.periodic_minute parameter, I am not able to replace it with new value.

for e.g. first time i had following in config file:
auto_provision.mode = 4
auto_provision.schedule.periodic_minute = 10
It was set to 10 minutes but i tried to changing it to 60 minutes later which is not happening. It remain 10 now no matter what i write in config file unless do a factory reset.

auto_provision.mode = 4
auto_provision.schedule.periodic_minute = 60

Model: T21, Firmware :

Can any one tell me whats the problem?
Hi ,
I have tested it in my side it can work well, woud you please share the provisioning file that i can test it in my side.
and you used the old version, please upgrade it to the latest version , you can download it from below link,

Best Regards!
it does not work in the version i have specified. Works in newer versions.
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