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Full Version: BLF state is broken after simultaneous call to watched account
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reproduced on Yealink T28P with old ( and new ( firmware

UA - 000201 (Yealink T28P)
"A" - 000333
"B" - 000300
"C" - 000335

1) UA (Yealink T28P) is subscribed to Account "A" ==> BLF lamp is solid green (free)
2) "A" calls "B", "B" answers call ==> BLF lamp is solid red
3) "C" calls "A", "A" is ringing ==> BLF lamp is blinking red
4) "C" drops call ==> BLF lamp is solid green despite active "A"-"B" call

As I can see the same issue has been already reported here - .

Is there any chance to get it fixed on new firmwares ?

Please enable this parameter by autoprovision and check again.

account.1.blf_notify_parse_type = 1

BTW, what's your pbx server?

Hello James

I've tried the following:
- open Settings/Configuration tab
- exported Export CFG Configuration File (All configuration)
- edited it and added account.2.blf_notify_parse_type = 1 (I use second line of my Yealink to subscribe for blf)
- imported edited configuration back to phone
The result is the same - green blf despite active call

I've also checked provisioning guide but there is no such option (account.1.blf_notify_parse_type)
What I did wrong ?
Hi, can you send us a pcap trace and phone config.bin file? We will check the two files.
And what's your pbx server?

here are syslog, config.bin and trace pcap files with level 6 syslog from mentioned Yealink T28P. I've collected it some time ago with old firmware. However as with the latest firmware the issue is the same I believe old logs must contain the same info.
I'm using PortaSwitch (

We had met same issue with portaone PBX. After enabling this option, phone work well with BLF.
Can you send me the config.bin of your phone with V73 firmware? I will check whether the option is enabled correctly.

As i've said above I tried to apply option to Account2
The parameter is configured correctly. From the configuration file, it seems that you create some test accounts in server?
Can you send the four test accounts you use to my mail I will reprdocue it in our side.

Ok, give me 15 minutes to prepare test accounts.

Sent to you 30 minutes ago.
Option account.2.blf_notify_parse_type = 1 (account.ACC_NUMBER.blf_notify_parse_type = 1) really helps in situations like this
Phone needs to be rebooted after importing edited config file (do not know, maybe if UA is provisioned from some provisioning server this option might be applied on the fly).
Thanks to James Smile
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