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Full Version: RTP port conflict
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I have a W52P ( with 4 handsets each with its own SIP account (all on 3CX Phone System 12). It's configured with min RTP port 14060 and max RTP port 14069.

And I faced the following problem – let's say one person is having a long conversation on handset 1. This call uses 14060 port. During this call another person makes many short calls on the 2nd handset. And on every of these calls next RTP port is used (14062, next 14064, then 14066, 14068). And finally the next call attempt takes 14060 which is in use already! And a person on handset 2 hears a conversation going on handset 1. It's important that there is no more than 2 concurrent calls at any moment, so free RTP ports are available.

I'm going to try to increase rtp range, but it will not solve this problem completely, just make it more rare.

Does somebody have the same problem? Any advices?

Hi Alex,
We haven't heard such issue, I will check with the engineer.
Best Regards!
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