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Full Version: DND and FWRD'ing features
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Is there a way to turn off DND and call forwarding on the handsets? We control these functions from our platform and have users whom accidentally turn them on via the handset.

Joel Bockovich
Northwest Vox
Hi Northwest ,
You can disable the feature by below syntax
features.dnd.allow = 0
features.fwd.allow = 0
once the features are configured with disabled, when you press the DND button, the phone won't enable the DND feature
Best Regards!
Dear Northwest,

I suggest you to remove the DND and FWD features key from the phones.

I have the same experience before. I disable the captioned 2 features. However, these 2 function keys are still available on the phone screen. My customers still use the keys under MENU to activate the features but of course in vain and compliant they cannot use the DND and FWD features. Thus, I remove the DND and FWD function key from the phone so that the customers are forced to use access code to activate these 2 features on our platform.
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