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Full Version: T26 Account 1 No Longer Will Register
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We have nine T26P's that all have an extensions registered to the same FreePBX box. They have been working perfect for about 6 months, one of the extensions stopped working and fails to register any more. What's odd is that if we use the extension credentials for Account 2 on the phone, it will register fine. Then we created a test extension and tried it on Account 1 (Register Failed) which didnt' work and then the same credentials on Account 2 (Registered) and it worked fine.

We've attempted a factory reset on the phone, and upgrading the firmware to Nothing seems to fix it. Is this phone defective?
Hi ,
Thanks for this information, would you please help provide us config.bin file , pcap trace and level 6 syslog for us to debug ?please share us the information for working and not working scenario.
You can refer to below guide for how to catch these information .
and only one has the issue ?
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