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Full Version: Calls droppping after 30 seconds
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We installed the W52P + 5 handsets at a client. They frequently have calls dropping around 30 seconds.

Any ideas how to fix the issue?

Firmware Version
Hardware Version

I attached a syslog6; maybe that will help with analysing Smile
Hi Gnuijten,

regarding the issue, could you please share more on this:
1/ how often the calls was dropped? every time the issue happened, what prompt on LCD?
2/ How many ways call establish while the issue happened? Every time the issue happened only on the same handset or all five handsets may have the issue?
3/ while the handset drop the call, can other handset dial out another call normal?
4/ how about the LED indicator on Base while the handset drop the call.
5/ could you share the detail process to reproduce the issue, we will also try to testing on our Lab.
please kindly help with above, we will also involve our R&D guys look into the syslog you provided.
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