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Full Version: T38G No Service
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I have 17 T38G handsets deployed in a hosted VoIP system. These phones have been online and working fine for the past month +. Starting last Thursday two extensions went offline and presented an error message on their screen "no service". The phone was still pulling DHCP from the switch, and the computer connected to the PC port was able to pull DHCP and get out to the web.

We have attempted to reboot the phones with no change. The T38G is running

Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.

"No Service" means that there is no an account registered in phone.
Please register account again through phone web UI or GUI. The account information can be got from your VoIP system administrator.

Thank you. When logging into the phones UI I see the account credentials entered into line 1 and the account is enabled. An important point is these two T-38G's had been online for close to a month with no issues.... In trouble shooting if we build the account to line 2 it is able to register.

Are their any commands available via the handset itself that an end user could disable a line?
We did find upgrading the FW to resolved the issue, however... Now when we try and access voicemail via using the handset (as opposed to speakerphone or headset) the phone does nothing. To review, when we pickup the handset and press the voicemail button nothing happens. If we press the voicemail button using speaker phone or headset it takes us to our voicemail box.

Any thoughts on the cause?
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