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Full Version: DSS key DTMF not working anymore
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Dear yealink,

we have an ip door phone who you can open with a code once you are connected to the doorphone.
I have configured this to a DSS-key on the T26P as DTMF and then the value the doorphone wants.
This has been working like a charm untill yesterday.

Additional information :

Phones T26P with EXT panel.
Software :

I have already installed the new software on one phone to test this and with that phone it doesn’t work aswell.

If I press the DSS key where the DTMF is active it doesn’t do anything.
Before you could see that the phone entered the value.

Kind regards
Dear Thomas,
I've sent you email to answer your question, please check your mailbox and feedback to me the information request. Thanks in advance.

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