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Full Version: Adding Remote Directory To SoftKey When Call On Hold
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Hi Everyone,

I currently have T38G phones with the latest firmware. I love them, but I do have one issues. We have customers call in all the time that will need us to make a call out to our crew that is on the road. I would like to allow the users to place the call on hold and then click 'new call' and then have a softkey that will get them into their remote directory. This way they can call a number that is in the remote directory. Below would be the call flow.

Customer Calls
Employee Places Customer On Hold
Employee Selects New Call Option
Employee Selects Directory (open to XML remote directory)
Employee Selects Dial on a particular directory entry.

Right now I am able to do this, but it places the user in their local directory, which is not very helpful.
I have tested the version , it can support dial from the remote phone book during the call.
T38 has configured remote phone book.
T38 are in the call
T38 press hold button and press " New Call" button
press the first softkey"Pool" choose the Remote Phone Book and then it will enter the remote phone book contact list ,and then you can choose the contact and dial out.

please help check and let me know if any question.
Best Regards!
Hey Flora,

Thank you for the info. I am going to give it a shot tomorrow at work!
You are 100% correct, thank you for laying that out for me. Is there any way to get them directly to the remote phonebook instead of having to go to the Pool option? Otherwise that is a lot of steps for each user to remember.
Sorry , there is no way to get them directly to the remote phonebook.
Best Regards!
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