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Full Version: Ring Tones
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I have an issue with a pbx and distinctive ring tones.
what i need is the following .
Phones are t20's t26. t38. t42, t46's w52's (28 total)

external call tone 1
internal call tone 2

external call transfer tone 2 ? (shows as internal call should be tone 1)

external call on hold and transfer should be tone 2 !!

Hope this can be answered and is possible.

i have a Zycoo u20 and a grandstream umc 61xx

Thanks in advance for your help ....
Hi Charlies,

You use blind transfer or attended transfer?
The ringtone should be different with the two transfer method.

Hi james
I use both methods you mention, but the ring tone seems to be the same as an incoming call from outside the network (ie: external)
I've done this by specifying different 'Internal Ringer Text' settings with different rings assigned for each 'Type'

IE for my 'Internal' calls I add a Sip Header of 'Alert-Info: InternalRing' and then I have 'Internal Ringer Text' set to 'InternalRing' and 'Internal Ringer File' set to 'Ring5.wav'

You will have to see if your PBX can send different alert-info strings for each of those kinds of calls, If it can then it should be easy to implement.
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