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Full Version: Addon TBDialout
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Hi I have a phone T-21P and I installed the addon tbdialout in thunderbird, I followed this guide but not working.

You can tell me if it works?

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Hi Kychifre,

Yes it works. It's action URI function.
You need to fill trusted ip under Feature-> Remote Control. You can just fill "any".
And the action URI format is different in latest firmware, for more info please refer to administrator guide. Search key word "Action URI"

Hi I have added my pc ip features - remote control.

But not how to create the url for the TBDialout make the call, the phone's firmware is

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This command can let phone make a call.

Replace with you phone ip address.
Replace 101 with the number you want to call.

At first time, phone will pup up a pormpt requring a confirmation. Just press OK.
Hi I tested the configuration does not work as indicated when the warning appears on the phone I press ok, try again since thunderbird call but the call is made.

The configuration I have in addon is

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Hello because I still can not use this supplement.

A consultation there is another program that can be installed on a PC and send the call to the phone?

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If you log into phone web interface, then directly input the command in browser can it work?

If other program, you can try

Add "p=login&q=login&username=admin&pwd=admin&jumpto=URI&" before variable "key".
If you had changed password please fill correct password after "pwd="

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