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Full Version: Server Redundancy on Yealink IP Phones
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How to set Server Redundancy on Yealink IP Phones?
What is require from me to do?
which type of Yealink ip phone it support?
Hi Gilb,

Yealink phone support failover mode and Fallback mode.

To apply failover mode you need to configure in DNS server.
To apply fallback mode just fill the server 1 and server 2 in the register interface. When server 1 go down phone will register to server 2.
For more info please refer to administrator guide. Just search key word redundancy.

Which type of phones and what firmware support failover and fallback modes?
T2x with V71/V72/V73.
T3x with V70
T4x with V71/V72/V73
Dect with V71/V72/V73
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