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Full Version: country code Yealink t21
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I find a Chrome extension that allows for a click to call.
the problem is that this extension does not know recognize the country code?
For example if a telephone number, by how +33148492032, extension will number 148492032 and 148492032 0 no.
so I put a rule in the Yealink T21 table if there is the prefix 33 he puts into the account by 0 1 OK

It Works

but the problem is that if I have clients who will find another prefix, then the tread here more ??Huh

any rule or term regular, I just put in the Yealink for any country prefix or replace the Yealink know to make the right nuemro with the correct prefix the good land?

thank you for your help
Hi Michael,

So you add a dialplan to remove the 33 prefix? May I know the rule you write?
You can add multiple replace rule to cover more country code.

Good evening james,

here is the problem encountered.

I use a voiper dialer which is a Chrome app called Turtle dialer.
the problem is that the application does not know perfectly well nuemroter phone nuemros.

eg if I select a number telque French:


chrome turtle dialer app will send the phone next to the Yealink nuemros


what will never result and hang ??

So to correct this error of this application, I go to the web interface Yealink

in settings / Dialplan / Area code and I add the value 0

This works very well for France.

But if I want to dial a number with 00 example call to israel

+972 55545256

he will call 00097255545256

that never fonctionneras ??

then I would like to know how can I have both the destination and France israel error by programming the Yealink.

thank you for your help.

voic doc application Turtle dialer


the only one compatible Yealink

thank you for your help

If these numbers have different pattern you can try replace rule. You can create different replace rule according different prefix.
For more detail, please have a read of administrator guide(page 32)

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