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Full Version: W52 DECT Sip TRUST feature
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Simply wandering why firmware .73.x on the W52 doesn't include the "Accept SIP trust server only" feature that was included in all the other .73.x firmwares of all other Yealink phones, and this feature has solved major issues we had with "ghost calls".

Please let us know when it will be available on the W52.

The V73 firmware of W52P is released several month earlier than desktop. At that time the "SIP trust server" option is not deceided to added.

I will check whether our product department plan to added the option in W52P.

I just bought these phones and installed yesterday and am already receiving Ghost calls. I would like this feature added, I should not have to make a special configuration file to do it

You can directly use this configuration file.

Just upload it to a HTTP/FTP/TFTP server, then fill the URL into phone to do an autoprovision.

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