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Full Version: Firmware T46G
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I explicitly requested 3 different suppliers if they can deliver yealink T46G phones WIHTOUT the Broadsoft firmware, but none are apple to comply with my request

Why is it so hard:
1) To make a single firmware for broadsoft / non broadsoft firmware (snom for example just had an enable/disable broadsoft option in the firmware)?
2) To find a supplier able to deliver the right phones? I cannot think I am the only one with this problem.

the closest i came to an 'solution' is "use 3cx server to upgrade firmware". But since we are talkign a multi tenant server in a locked cabinet at an externa datacentre, loading 60/70 phones in my car an configure them locally is NOT an option.
Hi Jeroen,

I've sent you a private message to follow up the case. Please have a check and let me know the update.

Thanks and regards
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