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Full Version: Multiple Call Forward
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We have a number of T38GN IP Handsets, a good number of users want the choice to Forward all calls to either there own voicemail or another extension.

Of course the 'Forward' option can be access via the onscreen menu and changed between voicemail or extension but I've had a lot of requests for 'buttons' to do this (it takes them too much time to re-program).

I've tried to set up two line keys, one to forward to Voicemail the other to an extension.

Sadly the 'forward' function on the phone uses the 'first' select (either VM or extension) then when you select the other it reverts back to the original selection. Also when I try to forward to a programmed extension it show the 'forward to' screen to manually enter extension.

Can this be done?
Do you mean you want to support below scenario ,
T38 configure DSS key 1 as forward button , value is the extension number for example 101
DSS key as forward button ,value is VM number.
when you press the DSS key 1 , the phone will forward all the incoming call to the extension number 101
when you press the DSS key 2, it will turn off the forward feature .
if you press the DSS key 2 again , the phone will forward all the incoming call to the VM number
right ?

For example.

DSS Key.
Line Key 3 - Forward to Voicemail (#)
Line Key 4 - Forward to Extension (1234)

To cancel Divert press the Programmable 'SoftKey' for Forward or program another Line Key to cancel.

I've tried to program in on the Line Key using a type of 'Forward ' then the relevant values for voicemail or extension.
I've also tried a type of 'Speed Dial' and tried to use the values of the feature codes with correct extension.

Hope this helps to explain what we are trying to achieve.
Thanks for your information , sorry , T38 can't support this feature.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Is the T46 or T27 supporting this feature?

Hi Raphael,
Currently , we don't have plan about it but I will forward it to the product team for they considering.
Best Regards!
Thanks, it would be a handy feature to have.

My first post here. I am sure that this forum will enhance my knowledge.
Are there any news about this feature. I need this on my T46S!!!!!!!
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