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Full Version: W52P handset does not answer paging
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When the wireless handset has advisory messages on the screen (like when it shows the missed calls etc) it does not auto answer a paging call. Once you read and remove the advisory message from the phone then it answers the page call. Obviously this is bug, is there a fix for this?

What's the handset and base firmware in your side? And what's the PBX server your W52P is connecting to?
Please upgrade to latest firmware and check again. I test with latest firmware locally and don't meet the problem.

James ( Base Firmware ) ( Handset Firmware )
handset hardware version is

Switch: Asterisk V11
same here.

If the handset is in the menu somewhere, it wont answer paging.

base and handset firmware current (update 2hours ago from yealink homepage, but dont know the numbers)
Whats up? This is horrible service through the forum. If youre not going to support inquiries then shut this forum down!
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