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Full Version: T48G synchronize personalized configuration settings
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I have a large number of Yealink T46G & T48G iP phones connected to different 3cx systems. Most of the phones are using Firmware 35.73.0.x. What I am trying to do, is find a way to keep a phone's local configuration settings after a power outage, provisioning or update.

While it is easy to log into the phone's web interface and export a configuration file, that is not practical for hundreds of units.

I did find the post titled " Automated mass T46 backup system" were the autoprovision can "synchronize personalized configuration settings" for the T2x series. It said that it will work with "T2x with x.72.0.30 ,as for T4x,we will add this function in V73".

I have not found this function in any of the Provisioning Templates for T4x phones.
This is very important for my clients, otherwise the local configuration by users becomes useless.

How can this be done with the T4x series of phones?

Please download the V73 autoprovision guide for T4x series, then search the content "Specific Scenarios-Protect Personalized Settings"

There are several scenario described in the guide.

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