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Full Version: W52P "synchronizing please try later"
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We don't use remote Phone book. Only the local contacts in the handsets.
When we put on the handset it works fine. But when we walk out of range of the base and back in range we get "synchronizing please try later" and it stays like this. The Phone is not working untill restarted. This is very annoying.

We do have the latest firmware in handsets and base.

Is there a way to disable the synchronizing. We really don't need it!

Please anybody?

If you come back to the range the handset should automatically connect to base station.
May I know you are in the edge of signal coverage or near the base when the problem happen? If you are in the edge of the coverage please try walking more close to base station.

It starts when i walk out of range, but when I walk back into range, even just next to the basestations, it still not reconnects.
When I restart the Phone it reconnect immediately.
OK, can you help provide these info to do a further trouble shooting.

1.The handset firmware is
2.How many base depoloed in your site?
3.Even when you are next to the basestation the phone display "searhcing for base"?
4.Can you see the signal strength at top of screen? Is it full at that time?

5.Provide a level 6 sylog and configuration file. Go to phone WUI-> Phone-> Configuration, set the syslog level to 6. Then reproduce the issue(walk out of range of the base and back in a position next to base, after getting "synchronizing please try later" reboot the handset). Export the syslog and config.bin file to us.

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