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Full Version: T46G: How to deactivate Live Dialpad totally?
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I did deactivate "Live Dialpad", but even the phone starts dialing an entered number after "Inter Digit Time". I do not want this behavior of the phone.

How can I stop this autodialing? I want my machines not to work without my expressly order. If I really want to activate the call, I will lift the handset or press the softkey Dialing.
Sorry, but I can not confirm this behavior. Disabling Live Pad has always worked as expected on my T46G. (Settings -> Preference -> Live Dialpad -> disabled)
what‘s the current firmware version of the phone? could help backup account info and reset factory settings?
I was wrong, sorry. The told behavior came not after dialing single digits on the pad.

Really it was so: I made a Line Key with "Prefix", value = *80. When I press the Line Key (and nothing after this), *80 is dialing out after "Inter Digit Time", although the "Live Dialpad" is disabled.

I have the newest firmware ( on my T46G.
Dear , V82 firmware will fix this issue. but V82 may released in February
To Feb 2017 there are many weeks, but, better late then never. Thank you, quinlan Smile
(12-19-2016 02:07 AM)quinlan Wrote: [ -> ]Dear , V82 firmware will fix this issue. but V82 may released in February
Meenwhile it is March 2017. And now? Rolleyes
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