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Full Version: W52P - how do you get the Music on hold to work with 3cx?
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W52P - how do you get the Music on hold to work with 3cx or at all? When I put my customers on hold they hear nothing.
Hi ,
I have tested it in my side, the W52P can play out the music when being hold. I used the latest version V73 which you can download the version from our website.
2. ( Base Firmware ) New
3. ( Handset Firmware ) New

there is nothing need to configured on the W52P , please check if your server has configured , please refer to attached file how to configure the MOH on the server side and let us know if any question.

Best Regards!
Server side is fine. Please test as the customer rings in, user places call on hold with the w532p and the customer hears the Music On Hold.

Is there any settings on the phone itself? I can not see any at all.
There is no setting on the phone itself, below is my test steps.
1. W52P with the latest version register 3cx account 1001
2. 1002 make a call to 1001, 1001 answer the call, 1001 and 1002 are in the call , can hear each other normally.
3. 1002 press Hold button
4.1001 will hear Music on hold.

if 1001 press hold button ,1002 will hear music on hold.
so it seems normal .
Would you please let us know if any steps are different from your side ?
Best Regards!
Perhaps this unit is doing some sort of local hold that is not affecting the PBX?
Does it work at all - internal calls vs. external calls?
I have personally never seen this however.

There are some extension settings in 3cx worth playing around with regarding PBX delivers Audio. I do not have access to a 3cx system at the moment. But open the W52 extension in 3cx and look for it.
Changing these does not require any restart or reprovisioning of the device.
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