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Full Version: Provision over VPN
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I have successfully had this work but it fails intermittently.

Stage 1 using RPS directs phone to a url to download its config. It downloads /y000000000028.cfg in that file it also downloads a logo and openvpn url.

The phone then downloads the vpn settings and starts the VPN after a reboot.

At this point the networking starts and i found that it does not activate the VPN before it starts asking for the provisioning URL it learned about in y000000000028.cfg on the VPN it makes this request on the non encrypted side.

A delay setting or a fix to make sure it does not start requesting its config until the vpn is up would be helpful unless someone has a work around.

For now to fix this I have set so in 5 minutes ( every 5 minutes ) it will check.
auto_provision.repeat.enable = 1
auto_provision.repeat.minutes = 5

Any ideas on this bug or a way to make it work correctly?

Sean M
Hi Sean,

Phone do take sometime to activate VPN after rebooting.
I will check with R&D whether there is a setting to force phone transmit data only when VPN tunnel is activated after rebooting.

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