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Full Version: Voicemail Light - How to clear voicemails?
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We recently just purchased a YeaLink T46G phone and loving it so far. On this phone it has a light on the top right corner blinking to let us know we have a voicemail. Our voicemail is set up through our provider and not through the phone. We have established 2 lines now and each line has a single voicemail waiting for us. I am assuming these are welcome voicemails since we have established new lines. When we go to check it, it wants us to set up a number to call to check these voicemails. In our situation, there is no number. How do I clear this manually so we can stop seeing this blinking light?

Thank you for any help you can provide.
Hi Lux,

If you don't want the power led indicate voicemail status, just disable the option "Voice/Text Mail Power Light Flash" under Features-> Power LED.

Hey James,

Thank you for this, we actually just found discovered this feature right after the I wrote the post. It still has an envelope on the top right corner with a 2 notifying us of the 2 voicemails we have. For the OCD part of me is there a way to remove this?

Thank you again
Disable "Voice Mail Display" under Account-> Advanced can eliminate all voice mail notification.

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