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Full Version: T38P Phones Not Hold/Resume while in Call
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We have a location (FreePBX) that has multiple T38Ps and we're having some weird issues. We have a couple phones that when you're in a call if you place them on hold you cannot pick the phone call back up again with the resume button or pressing the line key.

We have another phone that is working just fine. So What I have done is below:

---With Endpoint Manager---
1. Removed all the config files, rebuilt them and had the phones reconnect. The same phones with issues still had issues and the ones that were working remained working.
2. This was with and without a factory reset on the phones that were not working

---Without Endpoint Manager---
1. Factory reset one of the broken phones and imported the config from the working phone. Same issue
2. Left the firmware upgraded on one of the broken phones and imported a working config. Same issue


Hi Shane,

If these T38G run in same firmware and have same configuration it seems more like something to do with server/account.

Have you registered different account in non-working phone?
Is there a function limit in server to specific device(mac address)?
If you make an ip call can hold function work?

What's the firmware of these T38G?


Thank you. Going down the road of creating a new extension got me to the fix. The NAT was set to No on all the extensions with issues. Changing it to Yes fixed everything.

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