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Full Version: How to Configure VPN on IP Phone Yealink SIP-T20P
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Hii Yealink Support,

I've tried configure VPN on IP Phone ( in ) but still can not. How do i get files with format (e.g "ca.crt" "client.crt" "client.key" "client.conf") I am try on the windows platform. Thank you.
Hi ,
These files " ca.crt ", "client.crt",”client.key" and "vpn.cnf" are the files generated by the VPN server , these files are compressed as client.tar file which can be imported in the phone side for the VPN feature.
If you install the VPN server yourself, you can refer to the guide

in the page 17, you will find the details , you can let us know what issue happen during the process.

Creating the OpenVPN Tar File for the VPN Client on the WindowsPlatform
If the VPN sever is not set up by youself ,please contact the server side for the client.tar file.
BTW, attached is the sample client.tar fiels for your reference.
Best Regards!
Hi Flora,

Thank you very much for great sample of you. And I want to ask, if the example of you can use on many client?

But I've followed step by step in the page 14, and my problem in C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\easy-rsa>build-dh.bat when run "WARNING: can't open config file: etc/ssl/openssl.cnf". I do not understand because I am beginner. Thank you..

Best Regards,
Hi Dodi,
1. Whether the sample can be used on many client is decided by the server config, please refer to the config of the server
2. For the Warning prompt , don't worry, it is normal , please go ahead.
Best Regards!
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