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Full Version: Softphone VPN
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You guys are so close. Although I am very impressed by you phones, I have deployed at least 40,(small time) I have a need for a softphone solution of which I think you are the closest to provide. I am not the only one that needs this and I think you can do it relatively easily building on what you have already done.

I need a softphone with a BUILT IN VPN CLIENT. Preferably ,Open VPN. You have done this on your phones already, you have a softphone built (kinda) and the hardware on current smartphones can handle it.

No one that I can find has a softphone with a built in VPN client. I know they all "support" VPN but I specifically need it to handle at the softphone level. I don't care to have clients personal smartphone web traffic surfing across my network. That's the last thing I want to monitor.(as is required in my industry)

Please build this!

I love your your products and although your documentation can be lacking, at least you have some...

Now Yealink support 3 soft phone: VCM/VCD/sfb mobile client.

But it can not support build in VPN, so if you have special scenario of special request, you can send an request to


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