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Full Version: Yealink SIPT20P lets broadband speed 70% lower
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I have any Yealink SIPT20P in a local lan with broadband 70 mps. IP Phone lets broadband speed 80% lower. Seamless IP phone: 70 mps. With IP tel 9 or 10 mps. What's going on? It could be the phone configuration? Software or network card?

Dear Sylvio,

IP phone is an application that requires low broadband. May I know if you connect PC and IP phone in this way: network cable to Internet port on T20-->PC connect to PC port on T20? If yes, the network speed may be lower down a bit but not that much. Please try to connect PC and IP phone with different network access. Also, please check the configuration on network devices to see whether there is some special settings.

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