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Full Version: W52P with PAID VPN
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Hi There,

Just wondering if its possible to configure the W52P To connect to 3rd party VPN Providers such as Astrill,StrongVPN & HMA?

i've googled all the guides in terms of setting up vpn.conf/ca etc and putting into a tar file and uploading the tar file but without success

Can anyone here recommend someone (happy to pay for remote hours). Because I want to force all VOIP traffic to travel via ASTRILL (PAID VPN SERVICE). But having problems configuring/getting it to work

please note that on Yealink phones, only OpenVPN is supported. Following guide is how OpenVPN is applied on Yealink phones, for your reference:

About whether we can use 3rd party VPN connection on w52p, if the 3rd party supports standard openvpn, we can use it with W52P.

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