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Full Version: creating a custom button layout on the t48g xml browser
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I would like to create a custom button layout for the t48g xml browser to simulate a touch screen thermostat.

Basically the idea would be to display images (which are links) in different parts of the screen and the user should be able to tap on the image and go to that page (effecting a request to the server).

Attached is a basic idea of what it would be like.

Currently it's not supported.
You can't create a touchable custom button in T48G.

It would be a great advantage if the T48 could define touch URI regions. This would open up a whole range of posibilities...

Meanwhile, you could use the SoftKey approach to still have a touch region on the screen to emulate the controls. The T48G only displays 2 large buttons if you only specify 2 in the XML.

<YealinkIPPhoneImageScreen doneAction="" Beep="no" Timeout="120" LockIn="no" mode="regular">
<Image horizontalAlign="right" verticalAlign="top">http://server/image.png</Image>
<SoftKey index = "1"><Label>° Up</Label><URI>http://server/up.xml</URI></SoftKey>
<SoftKey index = "4"><Label>° Down</Label><URI>http://server/down.xml</URI></SoftKey>

Or you might try the ImageMenu option, which can assign URIs to the Keypad buttons 0-9, * and #. In this case you will need to provide some visual hints which key to press on the physical buttons of numeric keypad. Unfortunately you can't use the arrow buttons for this.

<YealinkIPPhoneImageMenu doneAction = "URI" Beep = "yes" Timeout = "120" LockIn = "no" mode="regular">
<Image horizontalAlign="middle" verticalAlign="middle" width="475" height="344">http://server/image.png</Image>
<URIList base="http://server/yealink/">
<URI key="*">up.xml</URI>
<URI key="#">down.xml</URI>

Or a combination of both...
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