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Full Version: New user question
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I'm new to VOIP phones in general, but helping to set up a new system in our office, and wondering if anyone has a solution for one small problem I've run into. Is there a key combination (or feature code) that I could include in a programmed speed dial button, that would disconnect the active call (rather than open a new line), then dial the new number?

All I can find on feature codes seems to be in the box instead of the phones; but Cudatel doesn't seem to have a code that does what I need, so just trying here as a last resort.

(T46G and T48G phones, along with a few W52H cordless; and a Cudatel 370 box)

Thanks in advance for any help,
Hi Paul,

There is no a dsskey which can disconnect the active call and dial a new number.
May I know why do you want to configure a key like this? You can end a call by pressing softkey very easily.

Sure. We are transitioning from an old phone system, that has a "MeetMe page" feature. Since that doesn't seem to exist anymore, we're trying to cobble something together to emulate it. We've set up a group and call router to intercom all our phones with one button press; and a 2nd button press to park yourself after you page. Then the person you paged can use the same park button to 'meet' you on the parked line. The reason I wanted the disconnect code would be to put in front of the extension on the park speed dial button, so we don't need a 3rd button press to disconnect from the page before parking.

Basically trying to prevent one of two things--either needing 3 button presses to do something that previously required only 1; or people forgetting to disconnect from the page before parking themselves, and the page staying open on all the other phones until it times out.

Based on all that, do you have a better idea than what we're trying?

Currently there is no a good solution to this scenario.
But we are developing EDK feature in V80 firmware, it will allow users to do more custimization in dsskey. You can have a try in new firmware.
V80 will be available in Q3 this year.

Thanks for the help--I'll keep an eye out for the release.
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