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Full Version: Cannot register using TLS
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Hello - I am trying to register my brand-new T46G on TLS, but when I download the logs, it says "Failed to verify remote certificate". I do have "Only Accept Trusted Certificates" turned off and am on firmware version

Would you please try to register again and feedback with pcap, syslog(level 6) and config.bin so that we can get more information about the problem?
About how to get these, please refer to:

Thanks in advance for your information
Actually I solved the problem myself - needed to enter the same registration name as the SIP user name (usually I don't need to enter the registration name).

For anyone else who is reading, yes you still need to disable the "accept only trusted certificates" settings under Security > Trusted Certificates.

Everything is working now!

Thanks for your sharing. Wish you have a happy journey with Yealink devices.

Best wishes
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