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Full Version: PNP provisioning and Asterisk
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Hello, i want to know if it possible to use the PNP provisioning with Asterisk based systems e.g. Elastix.

Please i need specific instructions because the guide that you have released is very generic.

If asterisk cannot handle multicast notify messages, is there a daemon for centos that can achieve this function?
Sorry currently we just have this manual as the attachment.
About PNP provisioning, you can have a try.

Does anyone have a solution for this already? I do not want to use dhcp options, nor entering the tftp server via the GUI or phone menu. I want to set up PNP provisioning using asterisk and Yealink phones.

I cannot find any info about asterisk and PNP? I understand asterisk needs to respond to the sip subscribe messages the yealink phone sends on bootup, but i have no idea how to get asterisk to do this, and i cannot find any documentation online.

Any suggestions?

I have done this with the Yealink redirect server and Asterisk, I also have a script to bulk generate the config files on Asterisk, not sure if I am making it free yet or not, but the Yealink redirect server RPS works a treat no DHCP options required, just internet access for the phone
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