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Full Version: Gui wont accept factory reset password
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Have a case of t26p's here brand new,
have tried logging into the GUI of several with the default admin admin and it says wrong pass /user.

Factory reset the phones with ok button, same thing,

Try to log into admin on phone as well with the pass admin, says wrong password.

Also have a w52P in the same case and it logs in no problem in the GUI with admin admin.

Any suggestions??

also is there a support phone line for yealink???

Please firstly let me know the current version of your T26?
How many of your T26 has such issue?
Please try to disconnect the cable from the phone and hard reset the phone by long press OK button. After that, have a try with admin/admin, or admin/(empty).

If problem still, could you please send email to so that we can send you some files?

Best Regards
ok , spoke with tech support had to provide them MAC addresses, and then remove network from phone, hard reset and they now work...

They had to do something with the MAC on there end...

they work now
Great to hear that. Wish you have a wonderful experience using Yealink products.
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