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Full Version: T23G with MyPBX
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When using the T23G with MyPBX, the MAC address of the phone is recognized in the provisioning page as a Yealink phone, but when attempting to provision the phone, there is no entry for T23 in the phone type list.

Can the T23G be provisioned from this screen, or must it be configured manually?

In the absence of a T23 specific phone type in the provisioning dialog, is there another Yealink phone type that would work for provisioning a T23G?

Hi Chris,

T23G is our newly launched device. We are not sure whether MYPBX manufacturer has added this new model to MyPBX. If this is not on their list, I think we cannot use MyPBX to provision it and we cannot use another Yealink phone type instead. For this part, would you please contact MyPBX provider for more information?

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