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Full Version: T23G Bricked?
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I have a new T23G connected to a MyPBX When I tried to change some of the phone settings from the MyPBX phone provisioning screen, it started to reset the phone, as it did during initial provisioning. But this time, the screen stays blank, the power indicator is red, and the network connection is inactive.

Did I send something to the phone that could "brick" it?

Is there a power up sequence that can do a factory reset? I can't get to either the menu or the web interface. Something like "hold down the OK button while powering on"?

Hi Cris,
Did the phone out of power when provisioning or upgrading firmware?
Please try to:
1. Unplug and re-plug in the power supplier to see if reboot can solve this.
2. Long press OK button for more than 10 seconds to hard reset the phone to factory default.

If reset doesn't fix blank screen issue, I am afraid you need to contact your reseller.

Looking forward to hear from you.
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