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Full Version: T32G speaker phone cutting out
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We have several users that get complaints of cutting out while they are talking on speaker phone.

This is on a 3CX server and the phones are running the firmware.

Any suggestions?

Would you please help to clarify:
1. Does this happen on every call or randomly?
2. What if use the handset or headset to make calls? does the issue come up again?
3. when voice cut off, can the other side hear you?
4. Did user do anything before the problem appears?

Could you please help to reproduce the problem and feedback with pcap, syslog(level6) and config.bin? About how to get them, please refer to:

Best Regards
1. Randomly
2. Only on Speakerphone
3. The receiver of the call will not hear every 8-10 words
4. Nothing was done except make a call and talk on speakerphone.

I will try to get the logs soon.
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