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Full Version: W52P will not charge.
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I have one W52P phone that will not charge. The base is lit green, it detects the phone on it, but the phone does not charge. There is a slight flicker of light that flashes on the actual phone. I have switched out the batteries with another W52P phone and it is not the batteries. They charge just fine with the other phone.

I haven't been able to bring myself to try and charge the phone on another base because they are registered and synced to their designated bases. Any suggestions as to what this might be and what my next step should be?

Do you mean that your handset can not be charged with the cradle you have?
If yes, please try to:
1.charge this handset with another cradle which is working fine
2. use another working handset to test the cradle you have.

If your handset can be charged by second cradle but not yours, please change the cradle. If your handset can not be charged by both cradle, but the second cradle got charged on both, then the handset may be faulty.

Any further information, please feel free to contact us.

Its the handset. It wont take a charge. Thank you!
(04-04-2015 04:28 AM)Radoffice Wrote: [ -> ]Its the handset. It wont take a charge. Thank you!


In this case, we can tell that the handset is faulty. Please contact the reseller where you purchased this unit for further advice.

Any question during the period, please send the MAC address of the device, reseller name and your country to We will follow up.

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