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Full Version: CP-860 Bootup sound
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We're testing out the new CP-860, and I was wondering if there is any way to remove the bootup sound it makes. No other Yealink plays a boot sound, and our one testing customer has already complained that it should be removed.

I browsed through the new provisioning guide that was posted to the website, but did not see anything referencing it.

If there is a way to control it, can we also replace the sound with our own sonic logo if desired?

Thank you!

The bootup sound is designed to remind user that the phone is start successfully. Sorry to tell you that we are not able to remove it at the moment. But your kind suggestion has been delivered to our product department. And they are re-evaluating if to add an option to configure this at the moment. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for your waiting.
Best Regards
I second this request.
We as well have had the request from a customer who is using it to remove the sound.

And even when i am out on a demo with the T4x and CP860 it is a annoyance having the chime go off when your talking and things are powering on.

Not that it needs to be completely removed just a option to disable it.

Totally understand your request and our product manager has told me that they will take this into consideration in next firmware. Please stay tuned.

Kind regards
Has this been address yet? I was just shocked by how loud and disruptive this sound is.
(02-05-2016 03:57 AM)CHamlett Wrote: [ -> ]Has this been address yet? I was just shocked by how loud and disruptive this sound is.

You could add us to the list...

I would suggest to have an option in the interface to adjust the volume.

Are there any progress in this case? the sound is realy bad and loud.
I would be great for the product if there would be a way to disable it.

cheers Manuel
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