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Full Version: choosen custom language resets to english after scheduled autoprovision
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I have made a custom language-file (Croatian) and I am deploying it with the auto provision feature in the common file. I do not auto deploy the language ("lang.gui = " in the common file), the users must choose the language through the phone-interface (some do need other languages than the custom one).
I have an scheduled auto provision every night at 1:00 on all phones.

This works in general, but all phone change to ENGLISH after the scheduled auto provision when I update the language file (the translation is work-in-progress at 90%, so I do need to do some updates in the future).
When I log into the GUI of a phone and click on auto-provision-now, the selected custom language stays (but the custom language file does not get the update) I need to wait until 1:00 AM.
So when the language is custom, and i update the language file the phone switch to english.

Bug? Feature?

all phones are running on x.73.0.50

Hi Boris,

The default language of phone user interface is English, if you keep the value of "lang.gui= " as blank and trigger phone to provision, it will change your current language to the default language(English) automatically.
So, if you want to keep the phone in current language even if auto-provisioning, you should difine the default language by "lang.gui= "

Thank you.
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