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Full Version: Launch XML App from Softkey in call
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I know I can launch xml apps from the softkeys on the side of the display, but I would like to launch an xml app from the softkeys below the display. Is there a way to do this on the T46G?

About your problem, i am afraid that i can't understand you very well.

If the softkey on the side of the display mean the linekey on the side of the phone LCD?
And the softkeys below the display mean the softkey below the phone LCD?

If the answer is yes, you can refer to the picture in the attachment.

If any misunderstanding, please let me know.

Best Regards,
Hi Lucia,

You understand correctly....thank you for your help.

A second related question:
Can I use the softkeys to launch an xml app while OnCall? It seems that the DSSKEY-->PROGRAMMABLE KEY settings are only applicable when the phone is idle.

Basically, I want to have context sensitive soft keys (below the LCD) that do custom actions...
...I just found Enhanced DSS Keys....looks awesome! Now, is there a way to use EDKs to start an xml app?
Dear Kgmoney´╝î

Sorry for my late reply.
If yo want to change the softkey when you are on call, you can refer to the picture in the attachment.

see the attachment
Hi Lucia,

I'm familiar with the soft key settings you posted, but the stock options don't allow me to launch an xml app. With the EDKs I can create a custom soft key to use 'on talk', but they can launch an xml app either.

I guess what I could do is set an unused dss key to launch the xml app (say dss key 27). And then create an EDK that 'presses dss key 27', and then use that edk in the 'on talk' soft keys. ...kinda round about!

I have problems just like you, no one can help us not.
Sure you can do it. Follow this - Go to DSSKey > Programable Key > SoftKey 1 > Choose (SMS) from Drag Down Menu > Confirm.

Hope it helps Smile Let me know if you've any queries.

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