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Full Version: W52P and DTMF tones on a door release
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I have a W52P for an office manager who receives calls from a callbox. When she presses the number to release the door, the tones are too short for the security system to release the door. How do I make the tones longer so she can release the door using the keypad number?
Hello ,
What do you mean by the " DTMF tones are too short “?
Do you mean the scenario like below,
W52P receives a call from the callbox , W52P answer the call, W52P press the DTMF , but the security system can't recognize the DTMF ,right ?
Please share us the details of the scenario that we can check together ,thanks.
BTW, when configured the DTMF Type with Inband method under the Account->Advanced page, it can play local DTMF tone.
Best Regards!
Yes basically. w52p receives call from callbox
w52p user pressed 6 on the w52p
callbox doesn't "hear" the 6 being pressed to open the door.

it's an analog callbox.
Have you tried to use the Inband method to check if it can fix the issue ? what do you mean by " DTMF tone is too short " how long you want it to be ? how the callbox can recognize the DTMF ?
Is there any brand phone can support it ?
Best Regards!
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