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Full Version: w52p + 3cx server + out office state
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Hi, I beg your pardon for my worst English
I've a strange issue with a w52p logged to a 3cx server.
apparently the state of the Extension status is set to "out of office" without the customer do anything to set in that state.
I wonder if there is any some keyboard combination to change the extention status.
could be some kind of power saving setting in the base to allow this behavior ?

any kind of help would be very appreciate.

Best regards

What do you mean for the "out of office"?
As I know, there are somewhere as below in 3CX to set the available, away, out of office status, you can define the different rules when phone switch to different status.
For 3CX, when dial *30, phone switch to available status, dial *31 switch to away status, dial *32 switch to out of office status.
If I misunderstood your scenario, please correct it.

Thank you.
yes correct but nobody has digited this combination but inexplicably suddendly the status of the extension becomes "out of office"

This status also can be adjusted from server side, please dial *30 to set back to availabel status and observe whether it appears again.

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